National Geographic Society Workshops on  Narrative Journalism & Photojournalism between September 4 and 15, 2018

Under the aegis of the National Geographic Society, Paul Salopek, a two-time Pulitzer-winner, has been walking the migratory path of early man. Paul entered India, through Wagah, February 27, 2018 and has since walked through Punjab and Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and now in South India. The India leg of his walk will end sometime in December this year, when he exits into Bangladesh, then China, via West Bengal. On the sidelines of his walk, NGS is organizing a series of two workshops, for ACJ students between September 4 and 15, 2018, on the art and craft of immersive, narrative journalism and on photojournalism.

The narrative workshop will be taught by Paul Salopek, Don Belt (a Nat Geo editor of 40 years experience, now an educator), Arati Kumar Rao (one of the best environmental photo-journalists in the world) and Prem Panicker, well-known sports journalist.  The photography workshop, will be headlined by Nat Geo’s ace photographer Matthiew Paley and others.