It is true when I often hear people saying that not everything can be taught out of books. Looking back on the 11 months I spent at ACJ, I now realize how it shaped to be where I am now and made the best out of me. As I will reflect my time there, in brief, the educational wisdom I received and life lessons the institution provided me with, I feel truly blessed at times.

ACJ has been instrumental in transforming me completely. It helped me to think ‘Who I am’ and most importantly ‘Who I am not’. I learned how to dream as I was months away from entering this cutthroat profession called journalism. And, most importantly, between ‘What I want’ and ‘How to balance’, I feel so immensely lucky that while I am writing this, I am almost on my way to complete one full year in this profession, which had been a dream always. Thank you, ACJ. You taught me how to dream beyond anything I could ever imagine and what I wanted and aspired to be.

– Saptak Ghosh, Sports Journalist, Times Now
Batch of 2015-16, Print Stream