All Things Long: A lecture by wordsmith Samanth Subramanian on August 19, 2021

Veteran journalist and author Samanth Subramanian’s lecture at the Asian College of Journalism was a masterclass in long-form storytelling.

The author of books such as ‘A Dominant Character’ and ‘This Divided Island’ zoomed in on the obstacles journalists face while reporting, writing, fact-checking and editing a story that typically dives deep into a topic and covers it comprehensively.

He used his own New York Times magazine piece about the two wealthy Sri Lankan brothers behind the 2019 Easter bombings in the island nation to explain the the art of building sources, ethics of writing about terrorism and importance of print journalism.

He urged the class to always pay attention to the minutiae while reporting for longer stories and encouraged them to explore newer avenues for story ideas including Reddit and the local newspapers.