In Love with Long-form: A lecture by veteran editor Feroze Ahmed Jamal on November 24, 2021

Veteran journalist Feroze Ahmed Jamal exposed the Class of 2022 to the art and craft of long-form writing in his lecture at the Asian College of Journalism.

“You choose what you want to have in the sculpture you are carving out,” Jamal said, while explaining how long-form writing was about selection and not compression.

Jamal — who has worked with many media houses including Reuters, The Economic Times, Mint and The Hindu — took the class through everything from how to pitch a long-form story to the things a journalist should keep in mind while structuring it.

He also talked about the relevance of revealing something new in a long piece rather than merely focusing on the back story. He mentioned how having a significant ‘what’ and ‘so what’ made a long-form story more compelling.

Jamal, who most recently worked with CapTable, used the real estate beat to take the class through the stages of writing a long-form story including the identification of a central theme, selection of sub-categories and development of questions tied to those categories. He also discussed the vast amount of research and reporting that goes into it.