Elite course highly valued by the Industry

The ACJ-Bloomberg Programme on Business and Financial Journalism offers the aspiring journalist a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best professionals and academics across the world. Trainers from America, India, Europe, Australia, and other regions, coach students using cutting-edge technology and prepare them for a rewarding career in financial journalism.

The course—a collaboration between Bloomberg, the world’s biggest news organisation, and the Asian College of Journalism—requires no prior knowledge of economics or mathematics, and aims to make the exciting world of business journalism accessible for students of humanities and sciences. All modules begin with the foundational first principles of the subject, but quickly scale up to equip students with authoritative knowledge to write with confidence on issues ranging from stock markets and corporate corruption to intellectual property and the informal economy.

Building on this theoretical and practical grounding, the course provides students hands-on experience on the state-of-the art Bloomberg Terminal—the go-to source of data and insight of the most powerful decision makers, and in many ways the centrepiece of the ACJ-Bloomberg financial journalism programme. The terminal brings together real-time data, news, in-depth research, and powerful analytics, helping users prepare for major changes in the world of finance and politics. The Asian College of Journalism is the only J-school in Asia to have a Bloomberg Lab with 12 terminals. Bloomberg trainers teach students to mine key data from the terminal, providing students with the tools to spot trends, break news and add context to their stories.

The ACJ-Bloomberg curriculum is specially designed to prepare the students for the rapid changes taking place in the field of journalism as well as for the newsrooms of the future. To that end, students learn the tools and techniques of not just traditional print journalism but also broadcast and mobile journalism.

Specialist trainers from Bloomberg and ACJ train students on the subtle differences in content format, language and tone across social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

The aim of the ACJ-Bloomberg programme is to foster a generation of newspersons, trained and educated to use the tools of an integrated newsroom and the information and analysis available through the highly-acclaimed Bloomberg terminal, to deliver high-quality journalism for the print, television, radio, and digital new media by combining text, image, video, audio, and the interactive potential of the Internet.

The programme focusses on developing basic reporting, analytical, and multimedia presentation skills needed for tomorrow’s media space, exposing students to the principles of data sourcing and analysis, training in the fundamentals of economics and finance, and the translation of information and analysis into material suited to the news media. Just as important, the programme provides students with a firm grounding in the inviolable ethics of journalism, and heightens sensitivity to best practices in the profession.