Unearthing Corporate Corruption: A lecture series by veteran journalist John Samuel Raja from August to September 2021

John Samuel Raja, the co-founder of ‘How India Lives’, used his annual lecture series at the Asian College of Journalism to teach students how to identify the red flags associated with corporate corruption.

In a marathon 14-part session that ended on September 25, the former business journalist helped students make sense of annual reports and financial statements such as balance sheets, profit & loss statements and cash flow statements.

These statements often give clues to larger issues at the companies ranging from conflict of interest to accounting errors.

Raja, who has worked with Mint, Business Standard and The Economic Times, is now focused on identifying, extracting, analysing and visualising data to help clients make data-driven decisions.

Raja taught the financial journalism students how to mine the complex MCA21 website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The site provides access to the regulatory filings of over 8 lakh companies in India.