Why Tech Matters: A lecture by MoneyControl’s Chandra R Srikanth on October 23, 2021

Seasoned tech journalist Chandra R Srikanth used her lecture at the Asian College of Journalism to help its students understand the evolution of India’s $194 billion Information Technology sector.

Srikanth, who is MoneyControl’s ‘Editor – Tech, startups and new economy’, detailed how the sector provides jobs to hundreds of thousands of people, and contributes to India’s GDP. She also explained how the IT industry has a “multiplier effect” on other sectors ranging from housing to travel.

She introduced the students to the movers and shakers in the Indian startup world, especially in the fintech, edtech, ecommerce and software-as-a-service segments.

Srikanth also helped the students get familiar with the important metrics they need to know while covering the IT and startup worlds, and discussed the different types of stories a tech journalist could pursue.